Leadership Academy 2015

Frequently Asked Questions (faqs)

Do I have to be a partner of the EDCOE Charter SELPA to apply to attend?

No, any special education administrator can attend. El Dorado County Charter SELPA partners do not assume the cost of Program Fees ($1,000). Limited space is available and preference is given to El Dorado County Charter SELPA partners first. If additional space is available, Non El Dorado County Charter SELPA partners will be given an opportunity to attend, but will need to assume Program Fees. All participants assume costs for travel, lodging and evening meals.

What does EDCOE Charter seek in applicants?

All applications will be reviewed by El Dorado County Charter SELPA selection committee seeks to find applicants who express the need for growth in one or more areas covered by the training modules.

As a participant, what is my commitment to participation in this program?

Participants in the Leadership Academy commit to attending the week-long, summer training. Participants also commit to participating in year-long, ongoing support provided via attendance at various El Dorado County Charter activities, which may include attending: Steering Meetings, Fiscal Workshops/Open Houses, and Professional Development opportunities, as well as the extensive benefits of being an El Dorado County Charter SELPA partner.

What do I receive upon completing the Leadership Academy requirements?

Participants who successfully the complete components of the Leadership Academy will receive a certificate of participation.

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