Special Education Program Support


Overview: We develop high quality training to empower Charter SELPA Partners to be successful in developing individualized solutions that work for their Charter School.

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Parent Support,
Resources and CAC
(Community Advisory

Overview: Our goal is to facilitate parent support by providing resources to parents as they seek to understand how to best meet the needs of their child.

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Special Education
Procedural Support

Overview: On going program Support includes :

  • Curriculum problem solving assistance
  • Appropriate alternative curriculum suggestions
  • Guidance with program structural implementation
  • Special Education program insight & design
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Special Education
Legal Support

Overview: Our Counsel is available for Charter SELPA Partners. Our experts provide a legal helpline, trainings and ongoing special education legal updates to SELPA Partners.

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Data Monitoring and
SEIS (Special Education
Information System)


  • SEIS (Special Education Information System): A Database for IEPS (Individualized Educational Plan) Information
  • CASEMIS (California Special Education Management Information System)
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Overview: The El Dorado Charter SELPA resources such as our comprehensive procedural guide and mental health guidelines provide Charter SELPA Members with expert guidance and supports that assist schools in providing compliant and innovative special education programs.

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